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Our professional and experienced analysts will help you process raw Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) data in a most efficient and convenient way. Since raw DAS data isn’t directly ready to be analysed, it is necessary to proceed with data extraction first. We have many powerful machines installed with SP2S that can process raw DAS data at extremely high speed.




So far, we have processed hundreds of TB of data from many clients leading to having the robustness and stability of the system been proven again and again. SP2S exports files in time-indexed LAS and binary formats which are compatible with many other software.




Vendor neutral


SP2S is built with inherent flexibility in mind, which allows processing of many third party DAS data in different formats. If requested, we can free the hard-drives to make them available for another job.




Synchronization with DTS


When DTS data is provided, we can synchronize DAS data with DTS data and index them on the same timestamps and depth increments using SP2S. Any other available information such as surface rates, pressure and temperature gauges can also be synchronized with the DAS data.




Deliverable outputs


The outputs are exported in LAS and binary formats. With significant data size reduction, the output files are very easy to be stored or transferred from one computer to another. They are compatible with any in-house software