Our Vision

The vision to provide high quality and reliable internet services was led by a group of business men who shared a belief the internet is the best tool to connect Sierra Leone to the rest of the world. The international nature of the group, technologies in the use and the skills at IPtel is a true reflection of their belief and what is possible in the global village in which we live. Being part of the global internet age has given Sierra Leone access to the world and our beautiful country, from interested investors and business partners.

Established in 2003 PCS Holdings (SL) Ltd (IPtel) is Freetown’s first broadband ISP with the belief that sustainable and profitable growth comes by providing:

No “Cuttings corners” in terms of quality service.

Using only the best equipment and supplies.

Build a strong customer relationship, based on fairness and open dialogue.

Create equal employment opportunities to Sierra Leonean and invest in their continued development and Education where needed.


In these challenging times IPtel continues to provide quality internet connectivity and good customer support to it’s subscribers. By adhering to our principles, we continue to grow our business, which gives us the confidence to develop new business and services.