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At first glance, network planning and design might seem fairly obvious. Design and planning tools assist a provider’s network engineering and capacity planning teams to extend, augment and revise their network. These are essential activities for any network where there are regular changes occurring, including adds, moves and deletes

telecom network planning and design solutions. These tools are “the great connectors” in a network operator’s toolbox. Design and planning tools connect and coordinate:

Customer orders – including the customer premises that need to be connected to the network, as well as the essential engineering attributes that the service must consist of

Network / Resource Inventory – being aware of the current (and future) state of the network and associated resources that will impact the proposed changes

Asset and Spares Management – understanding the bills of quantities required to implement network changes and the supply chain required to make those assets available

Field Workforce Management – that coordinates the optimal use of field workers to implement changes into the network

Network Configuration – to plan and coordinate updates to the way the network functions

Capacity Planning – to ensure network capacity remains within thresholds that safeguard an expected level of service quality for customers, whilst also guaranteeing day-to-day changes are contributing to optimal future target network states

How to optimise Telecom Network Design?

Network health, optimisation and profitability are absolute fundamentals for any telecom network operator. The decisions made by network design and planning teams today have enduring ramifications on the effectiveness of the network well into the future. As such, telecom network design tools and network planning tools have to provide design and planning teams with advanced functionality to ensure:

Optimal resource allocation and capital efficiency – on network augmentations or change-outs, even small optimisations (eg 10% reduction in bill of quantities on cables and devices) can result in huge cost, implementation time and ongoing product support savings.

Coordination of resources and workforces – the network planning and design teams invariably have multiple projects underway simultaneously, often with overlapping dependencies on resources and workforces. Some designs may be for option comparison purposes and will see sub-optimal designs deleted.

Implementation efficiency – approved designs and resource allocations must ensure design packs are prepared for field workers to implement without rework. This means designs much be complete, correct and consistent

We provide fast, reliable and high quality wireless and Fiber optics broadband fast internet connectivity in Freetown including a wide range of services, technology solutions, and suit every connectivity needs in Sierra Leone and West Africa sub region.

  • Wireless Internet connectivity
  • IT solutions (VPN,WAN,LAN)
  • P2P Dedicated Broadband solution (P2PDBS)
  • Fiber  Optics solution
  • Network Designing
  • IT Project Supervision
  • IT Consultancy
  • Computers, Network Equipment & Cables supplies


IPTel has the proven ability to provide internet services to different type of organization with different needs. Our newly established fiber optic link Point 2 Point Dedicated Broadband Solution (P2PDBS) is here to change our corporate customer internet experience.


Our Point to Point (P2P) service with Fiber connectivity is setup within our current network and works 100% via line of sight. We can transmit very high quality reliable bandwidth traffic directly from the Fiber landing station site at Lumley to our providers via our network to your location.




Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program helps eligible households connect to their virtual jobs, classrooms and healthcare


Stay connected with Whole-Home Wi-Fi. Sign up for Fios Gigabit Connection and get Whole-Home Wi-Fi with a Fios router rental included and an extender provided (if requested/recommended)


Build a future-proof foundation for your data-driven Western Area district with fast, resilient, and affordable broadband


ENA Internet Access


Cost-Effective, High-Speed Internet Access Easily handle escalating bandwidth demands with ENA’s highly scalable and secure Internet access.


Nationwide network with exceptional resiliency and high-capacity connections

ENA leverages multiple, diverse providers to offer reliable Internet access even when one link or provider has trouble

DNS blackhole services and responsive DDoS mitigation keep your connection safe

Design and support from world-class engineers

Security and performance evaluations



Your data will be online 24x7x365, immediately and securely. We have  Redundant Dedicated Internet Links, Firewall, Anti-DDos, Physical and Logical Stability


Backbone Connected to the Main Internet Players in Sierra Leone

Our network provides high performance connectivity, ensuring access to large contents, also supporting intense traffic with regularity, reliability, and availability, required for different applications


We have a range of other packages available to suit all budgets and office applications – whether your requirement is for 40Mb or 80Mb FTTC Fibre Broadband if less bandwidth is needed and at a lower budget is required, FTTC Ethernet for cost effective Ethernet with performance SLAs or Fibre Ethernet if dedicated high bandwidth is required but at a higher budget.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further and find the right solution for your business